Aiko Aussie
Foto: Aiko, Mengkofen, Maj 2010

Aiko vom Aitrachal

Breed: australian sheperd
Color:red merle
Birthday: 25.05.2010
City of Birtf: Mengkofen, Germany

Mother: Hopfenland's Celine
Akiba of Sunshinegarden

My Brothers and Sisters are: Anka, Aron, Assi, Aika, Arko.

Aitrachtal Aussies here

Aiko vom Aitrachtal called "Aiko" is a red merle australian shepherd whelped in Aitrachtal, Germany, by Australian shepherd breeder "Aitrachtal Aussies". Aiko is growing up, learning good behaviour, obedience, tricks, herding, agility and much more. He is a true and very loyal friend and my training partner. He loves to run, play with other dogs and family members, loves herding sheep, chasing cats ( our cat Macl excluded, because he respects him) and other game.

Aiko loves to talk and expressing his requests with barking and yawling. He is tipically will to please aussie and a life without him would not be as much bright, happy and wonderfull as it is with him.

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